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To all of our clients,


   First of all, I pray you all are staying safe and healthy.

It's understandable to be worried and fearful, and undoubtedly people are suffering many losses throughout the world, and our heart breaks for you all... but let this also be an opportunity to draw nearer to family and create some sweet memories, new traditions, and tighter bonds.

   These times will be a great testament to us as families and as a country. One day, when we look back at these times and try to explain it all to the generations to come, I hope we will be able to reflect on the generosity and kindness of our great Nation. The fact that we pulled together and extended our understanding and compassion as we all struggled to rebuild.

   With that said, the Lickety Split family is still here for you too if needed. Under Gov. DeSantis' order, we are still considered essential, therefore willing and open to serve process on your behalf. Please note, the safety of our process servers are also highly important to us, so if you're at all aware if the respondent is ill, coming from a hot spot state, or been in possible contact with someone with CoVid-19, please disclose that to us so the process server can take necessary precautions. Also note, to limit exposure to our servers, standard service may be temporarily extended on some cases. RUSH service still available. 


Many blessings,

Mistie D. Burris

Owner- Lickety Split Process Serving

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